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A táblák formai és gyártási technológiája védett a Magyar Szabadalmi Hivatal által a 000305 nyilvántartási számon.

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Mediterranien Welcome Boards
It is quite wide-spread in Mediterranean countries to use such remarkable boards at the
borderline of cities, entrance of housing estates, hotels, pensions, restaurants, wine cellars, shopping
centers, leisure parks, private clinics, riding-schools, wellness centers, public institutions (libraries and banks).  

The especially decorative boards - set with evergreens and blooming plants - revives and boosts the quality of your environment. 
You are free to choose from several options:

  • The board can be a lighting one, illuminated, one or two-sided, or of plastic surface, all on-demand.
  • The lighting board comes with inbuilt neon lights, while the illuminated and plastic versions are made with outside halogene lighting.

The boards are easily fitted together, and contain environmentally sound materials.

Size, shape and colors can be tailored to the architectural style of the given building.


From July 2004 our company has been the first manufacturer and trader of such Mediterranean Welcome boards of light structure.
We have been testing these boards for 4 years now, and they had passed the test against weather conditions, their external hadn't been affected.   
Formal and manufacturing technologies of the boards are protected under the registration number 000305 of the Patent Office of Hungary.



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